I've set up this wiki as part of my final year project on the Blogwall. It's one of the projects at the Mixed Reality Lab at the National University of Singapore.

About Me

My name is Ramkumar Shankar, and I am final year Computer Engineering student at the National University of Singapore. More about me:

  • Blog
  • Courses I'm doing this semester: Computer Animation and Image Synthesis and Design of Interactive Media

The Project

The Blogwall is in essence a public display system, which at its most basic level displays messages (SMS) sent to a particular number in a colourful animated manner. Additional modes included a poll mode, when it gathers answers from the public to a particular question, and a poetry mode, where it analyzes the message received and displays a short poem.

My work in this project consists of two parts. The first is the allow the system to receive and display multimedia messages (MMS). The second is the design and implementation of an intelligent algorithm and natural language parser for the poetry mode.

This Wiki

This is primarily a platform for me, my supervising professor and other researchers involved to collaborate and keep tabs on the work I'm doing. Updates should be published every week.


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