Update 4

I have set up a webpage that allows users to add poems to the database. A larger pool of poems is very important to test the new algorithm.

System to add poems

The webpage can be found here: Do note that this webpage might not be accessible from outside NUS without a VPN connection.

It's quite simple really. There are three entries to fill in: author, title and poem text. These values are then added to a temporary database that I have created. I will later extract the poems from this table and add/index them in the blogwall system. The system checks for duplicate entries and has other forms of basic data validation. A list of poems currently in the system is shown to the right.

Work in Progress

I'm working on the verbose mode, and I have started writing my technical paper and thesis.

Help build up the poetry database

I have sent an email to all members of the asking for help in populating the database. So far, no one has added any poems yet. It'd be great to get more data soon so I can start testing and even do some basic user studies soon.

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