Week 1

The first week was spent primarily in familiarizing myself with the people and work that had already been done on the project. This was also my first encounter with OpenGL programming, so a fair bit of time was spent reading up about OpenGL, GLu and GLut as well.

It started off with a meeting with Newton and Janaka, who are both working at the Mixed Reality Lab.


I was briefly introduced to the project and the work that would be involved. To be honest, it wasn't very clear at that time since an important part of the system already seemed complete.

Newton and Janaka quickly gave me a quick background on the system and its purpose. In the course of this meeting, I also figured the skills that would be required to see the project through.

Skills required

Besides C++, I would need to learn OpenGL. Although I had some limited exposure with OpenGL during the course of my internship in Stockholm, I knew I needed to learn more.

I had already selected my courses for the semester, but it became clear a course in Computer Graphics/OpenGL would be useful. Hence, I proceeded to choose CS3241: Computer Graphics in my list for this semester.


Janaka also pointed me to these [OpenGL video tutorials] which are extremely easy to understand and follow. They helped enormously to quickly familiarize myself with the API.

He also referred me to a book called the "OpenGL Programming Guide" which might come in useful later on. In the meantime, as a requirement for my course, I have also purchased another book: "Computer Graphics with OpenGL", which appears to be better suited for beginners.

Going forward

We agreed that I'd spend the first few weeks learning OpenGL and getting to understand the work that has been done. It was reasonable that this would at least take until the end of August.


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