Week 3

This week was spent putting the final touches on the new implementation of the blogwall. This new implementation closely follows the object-oriented approach, in contrast to the first version which had all the code in just a few files.

The first version of Blogwall based on this new framework was to be demonstrated at Mobile HCI.

During this time, I also had a number of ideas about how the blogwall could be extended or possibly improved. I will elaborate on these further below.

From last week

I soon realized that OpenGL lists cannot be used since the butterflies have some more complex animations that change over time. However, I also identified a bug in my code which was drawing every butterfly 50 times, rather than just once per frame! Once this was fixed, the program was much smoother.

Extending the new framework, I added functions to implement the creation and loading of textures as well.

Fixing and testing

We had to ensure the system was ready by Sunday. I was helping Janaka in making sure that it was. In particular, I was given responsibility for the display and graphics. I had to ensure that the butterflies were equally spread out on screen and moving as they were supposed to.

Problems and learning points

The hands-on experience has been very valuable in understanding the computer graphics concepts I learn in my classes. We also had an interesting problem of the application running too fast! Then I came to understand the need to use the system time and framerate to ensure the animations are smooth.

Moving forward

While I understand that my progress so far in the fyp per se has been slow, this slow introduction to the system has given me a few ideas on how the system can be extended and possibly improved. I will elaborate upon this in the next update.


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