Week 7

After the first assessment, I have a clearer picture of what needs to be done.

Hitch haiku and iPlot

Watching the hitch haiku video was very helpful. It allowed me to visualize the end result. From this and the feedback from my first assessment, I went on to form a list of tasks that had to be done.


The overall goal is to come up with an intelligent algorithm to generate poetry from the user text messages.


As I have mentioned earlier, the key is to find a use case that would limit the amount of information the system would need to process and yet provide satisfactory output. After studying the haiku example, I understood that one way this can be done is to identify a specific form of poetry which has a patterns and structures that be extracted and programmed algorithmically.

With that in mind, the subtasks are listed in detail below.

  • Study poetry forms and select a suitable candidate
  • Identify and extract patterns/rules that can be used to generate poetry
  • Identify what level of natural language understanding would be required based on these rules, and start work on a simple parser.

Generating Poetry

Based on the rules identified, I hope to come up with a method the system can use to generate the poem. In my first trial, the keywords the user can send may be limited to test the robustness of the system. I will elaborate upon this in the next update.

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